Our Platform

DreamVu provides a fully integrated hardware and software platform for advanced sensing and perception for autonomously operating machines. The platform will enable users to leverage the advantages of DreamVu's patented hardware, state-of-the art software and unique data. The platform is compatible with most of the robotics and computer vision packages used in the industry. It is a plug and play system with customization options available as well.

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Stichless capturing of 360° RGBD videos at a frame rate of up to 100fps


The only true 360° sensing solution suitable for both RGB and depth sensing giving 2D images, 3D images and 3D point clouds as outputs


Solid state design with robust calibration and an unmatched field of view of 80° with no occlusion and synchronization artifacts


Flexible form-factor (up-to 2cm in diameter) and easily integrable with existing software and hardware platforms


Ultra low power and compute requirements for surround sensing with no need of GPUs


Customisable optics design catering to wide set of applications and high value market verticals

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